Sep. 18, 2022

Zero to Hero on the mat

There is a misconception of what is better wrestling live or drilling. The question I ask, which applies to focusing on the process? You guessed it, drilling! Focusing on good positioning, seeing, and feeling the flow of a match and the opportunities that open up for attack is how you get better on the mat.

How to go from zero to hero in wrestling:
1.      Develop a good strong stance and motion. (If you are standing still than you are susceptible for attack)
a.      If you can practice stance and motion and stay in good position for 6 minutes think the of advantage, you will have over opponents by training body and mind to hold good position
2.      Develop hand fighting (Folk Pummeling) Pummeling the head, shoulders, biceps and then the hands
3.      Be good at one takedown (a throw is not a takedown)
4.      Develop a good sprawl position with heavy hips to the mat (do not allow your opponent to take advantage of angles)
5.      Have at least one defensive re-attack from a front head lock
6.      On bottom, keep your hips under you and your hands away. (Always looking for hand control or 4 fingers) Taking away one of your opponent’s weapons!
7.      On, bottom, develop your turn in (inside quad pod stand up) and turn out (outside knee slide stand up)
8.      On top, always pressure forward with your toes dug in driving on the mat.
9.      On top, always grabbing for wrist control. (Eliminating their strong base)
10.  On top, mat returns (never pull your opponent on top of you) either develop a drop to a single, heavy hip front trip or back ankle pick

Be good at these small things and you can win matches. Be great at small things you can win championships.